Monday, February 28, 2011

Do you want a Knight in Shining Armor?

I have thought about the knight in shining armor question ever since a good friend told me that she believes all women secretly want a knight in shining armor. At first I was ready to agree with her, but since she mentioned it, I've been thinking. And I disagree. What I really wanted to tell her is that I don't want a knight in shining armor. I want to be the knight in shining armor! To elaborate, I feel like the hero myself. Maybe not the armor type, but the type to try and save all those who come into my path. I've been doing it since high school, and maybe even earlier. I consider some traits I have as 'masculine' go-getter traits, the kind of qualities that would make a person scale ten foot walls bare-handed and rescue a helpless person. I have never thought of myself as a helpless person, except when people remind me that I am short in stature, and female. That kind of attitude robs me of my hero spirit and can totally deflate me if I let it. So I try not to let it.

As far as what type of man I would cuddle up to, since it wouldn't be a knight, I'd say wandering minstrel. Perhaps instead of songs, he writes poetry, or draws pictures. It's basically the same.

This guy is the type that sings, writes, draws, or something that expresses himself. And he expresses himself very well. He's very gregarious, and considers others before himself. He's got a big, open heart. He's clever and curious about life and has a hunger and a passion for it. He doesn't feel like he has to save the world, but just putting a smile on a person's face makes him feel he's done it just the same.

It would be nice after a day of swinging my sword and being the avenging angel of doom, to come home to that. Someone who makes me laugh and smile and just enjoy life. No armor, no horse. Just tea and patchwork blankets, and maybe his mandolin by the fire.

So, when it comes to men, ladies, what would it be? The knight, the minstrel, the mayor of the town?

And gentlemen, what about you? The princess, the seamstress, the wild witch who lives in the wood?

It's very interesting what people's types are. It tells you a lot about them.

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