Saturday, February 12, 2011

From 7,000 words to 70,000!

It's been almost a year since my last post, and I'd begun to feel like there wasn't much point, since I'd be writing to myself. However, things are going to change this year. I'm not just writing to myself, and I feel like sharing with the like-minded.

Last chapter count mentioned in this blog was 3, which averaged out to perhaps 7,000 words. Since then, I have divided my first chapter into chapter and prologue, which helps the flow of the story immensely. My chapter tally is 27 since two days ago, and the word count is up to a whopping 70,000 words! I can see the end in sight, as I keep telling everyone. But I still have to get Lividia there.

In case anyone doesn't know, Lividia Blackwell is the main character of my young adult (YA) novel. It's the first in a series I plan to write about Lividia and her strange and beautiful world. It's a world she inherited, but I won't elaborate on that. You'll just have to wait for the book!

I've been polishing my synopsis, but it still needs work. I've found that, depending upon who I'm talking to, my synopsis can change. Yes, it's about an imaginary friend. Yes, it's about a girl in an arranged engagement. But depending who I talk to, it always sounds different. Here's the synopsis I posted on Facebook the other night:

It is Victorian Boston, 1889. Lividia Blackwell is 17 and an only child. Since she was 5 years old, the only mother she knew was the housekeeper Mabel. Lividia never fit - in her society, in her family, or in her life. Old mysteries shroud her past, keeping a wall between her and her father. An arranged marriage clouds her future, quenching out what little hope she has... until the dreams start. An enigmatic figure watches her, and she begins seeing moving shadows even when she's awake. When dreams and reality cross, Lividia's eyes open to the truth, and a world she hasn't seen since she was a child. She discovers a friend, a foe, and a fate that surpasses anything she could have possibly imagined.

Yes, it's quite a bit vague, but I'm hoping it also piques your interest to see what might happen to Lividia. This story involves the supernatural, faeries, and humans who have almost as many secrets as the fae themselves. Feel free to follow along with me as I finish up the last part of my journey writing the first novel in this series. I'll try to update this blog more regularly as I see my publication date approaching.

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