Thursday, June 2, 2011

Art Takes London! Contest and Update

Blogger was down a few days and I wasn't able to update, but now that it's up again, here I am! Been busy with work that isn't writing and drawing lately. Also, working on the illustrations for the first book in the Lividia Blackwell series. The creative process keeps getting interrupted with demands like food, sleep, and work that pays the bills. In a month this won't feel like such a juggling act.

On to the contest! Art Takes London is a contest introduced to me by my younger sister. It's international and the winner receives quite a lot of money and can showcase their work in London. The deadline for entries is already over, but I managed to get a couple in on time. You can see them here at my contest portfolio. Whoever gets the most votes online gets the Peoples Choice award, so please vote and show me your support! Thanks!

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