Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brain Hail

If I wasn't so worn out, I would start the first page of the second book of Lividia Blackwell's story. But I am worn out. I think I have performance anxiety or writer stage fright. It's always difficult to start the first page of the first chapter of anything, it seems. But it shouldn't be. Editing is your best friend, and rewriting is not a problem. Why, then, do I still feel nervous?

My problem is not knowing where to start. - To quote Lewis Carroll, "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." Simple, huh? Not so much. We humans complicate things, and ideas are as delicate and skittish as feral kittens. We have to write them down, before they get away.

When inspiration hits me I feel a tidal wave of scenes, characters, and concepts crashing over. This is when freewriting all my brainstorming ideas comes in handy. It'll get it out of my mind, and onto paper (or a Word document) where I can make more sense of it.

Right now I have visions of creepy dolls, mushroom faeries, underground pipeworks, and sexy fae violinists dancing in my head. Not sure which of those - or all of them - I'll use in this book. There is so much I want to put into this series that it tumbles through my head like laundry in a drier. Eventually I will decide what parts to put into the second book, what parts into the third, and so on.

My enthusiasm about this project is through the roof! I want so badly to share this world I'm creating with as many people as possible that my first book can't get onto shelves soon enough! This is bigger than me. My head is just the gateway that lets it into the world.

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