Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter One of Lividia's Story - teaser

(I do not own Nox Arcana's song or the image. This is the song that played through many of Lividia's night-time scenes.)

Since you requested it, here it is, the first paragraphs of the first chapter of my first book of the story of Lividia Blackwell. It's a historical, YA fantasy set in Victorian times and filled with boogeymen and a few faeries. I really hope you enjoy it!

Chapter One: The Man in the Dream
Lividia lay awake, gazing at the ceiling past the posts of her bed, wondering what secrets her mother never told her. At seventeen, she had learned to live without her, learned to be a proper young lady, with proper goals and dreams. But there was always something there, an uncertainty that plagued upon her mind.
She pondered for hours, until the wick of her candle had burnt down, and the wax filled the dish. The shadows cast were long and gaping, engulfing most of the room, except for the halo of light around her side of the bed. Within that vast amount of shadow something stirred, but Lividia didn’t notice, for she had fallen asleep.
            In her dream she was looking upon herself sleeping in her bed. Beside her bed was a figure just a little taller than she was, with charcoal hair and skin so pale it was almost white. Only a face, and elegant, pale hands. He was dressed in a dark blue jacket with a high collar and loose bowtie. Shadows consumed the lower half of him.

(To be continued...)

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