Friday, September 23, 2011

Bone Density and Battery Death - Good Fridays

Good Fridays are when I mention one or two things that made my Friday good. Fridays are always good, but certain things make them better. This Friday I have a little story for you!

I went to a ladies health fair with my mom and older sis this morning. (I love that we're so close, we still go out and do things) They tested things like blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and bone density. Congrats to me! My bone density is still low, but not as low! Yaaaay! And it's only been a year of taking more calcium to help build it up! (bit of sarcasm. Why does it take so long to build calcium?)

I was taking mom's car to the gas station and the bank, and the battery died at the gas station. So I had to walk home and get my car. When I finally got to the bank, it was closed. I was about to deposit my paycheck so I wouldn't go in the red (again). Now I'll have to deposit it Saturday. At least no checks I've written will go through before then. Probably.

That has been my Friday, but here is the bit of it that gets good. The walk home from the gas station helped with my bone density!

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