Monday, September 26, 2011

Dance Mix for Rejection

Today I heard back from the agent who was at the top of my query list. (You know, your first choice. The one that you really hope will say 'yes' to your manuscript, that you hope will offer to represent you.) After corresponding with her for over a year, after sending her my manuscript, after hoping and praying and crossing my fingers, I got a rejection. She said my work was solid, but it wasn't what she'd hoped. She said she wasn't the right agent for me. Then she referred me to another agent, and told me I could use her name when I query. So, while the rejection hurt and made me a little angry, it led to something equally good. New hope.

Whether you've had only a handful of rejections or a hundred, you know how it feels to read those words "no, thank you". You doubt yourself, you question if you really showed your best work, you think "What could I have done better?" Then, eventually, you just accept it and move on. For me it helps to have music - dance music. So, here's the playlist I listened to after I got that email today.

Release Me - Agnes
Bulletproof - La Roux
Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) - Freemasons with Sophie Bextor
If I Can't Dance - Sophie Bextor
Rain (show opening remix) - Mika
Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner
Could You Believe - ATB (radio edit)
Brand New Day - Andy Caldwell (12" mix)
Love Today - Mika
Kick A** (We Are Young) - Mika

Remember, don't give up, even if your first choice says no. There are plenty of other agents out there.


  1. Re. the agent rejection at least 1) you got attention 2) you were told your work is solid 3) you got a reference to someone who may work with you. I would ask her to write a recommendation to that reference source.
    As I have discovered rejection is part of the writing gig, the agents have so many submissions - more than they know what to do w/.
    But I totally believe that the right person will come along and I know we are worth having someone who will work ONLY for our best interests and that will be the person that we attract to us!! Best of luck

  2. Thanks, Celia! I am definitely looking at the bright side of this. I'm grateful she recommended another agent!


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