Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Fridays - The Friday/Saturday Cushion

Good Fridays is when I highlight one or two things that make my Fridays a little better. Last week it was a movie, but this week it's something bigger. This week it's the Friday/Saturday cushion. I call it that because it's a soft, relaxing time between Friday and Saturday when you can be truly glad it's Friday.

I have a great job that affords me Saturdays off, depending on my work load, but that means Saturday is the day I pack everything in that I didn't get to during the week. I run errands, do shopping, do laundry, spend time with family and wonderful nephews. And of course anything else I can think of. Saturday is a day for miscellaneous activity.

Which brings me back to the Friday/Saturday cushion. My Friday/Saturday cushion is the time between getting off work on Friday and the time I start all my running around on Saturday. The Friday/Saturday cushion varies for everyone. One person's cushion can start at 5 or 6pm and another's can start after the kids have gone to sleep, but everyone has one. What matters is what you choose to do with it. You should pick an activity that you love and find relaxing, something that makes you happy. (I'm using part of my cushion to type this blog.)

Give yourself permission to relax, to stop worrying just for a little while. Just be happy and enjoy yourself. Here's a song to get you started:


For commenters, what are some of the things you do during your Friday/Saturday cushion?

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