Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tasty Cover Art - Roadtrip Wednesday

It's Roadtrip Wednesday!

This Week's Topic:

What are your all-time favorite book covers?

Being an illustrator first, a writer second, book covers have long been a wonderful part of reading for me. Images can say more about a book than any well-crafted blurb ever could, and entice me to read a book I might otherwise pass over. Here are a few of my favorites.

If done right, butterflies and moths on covers rock, without being 'girly'. I love the colors in this one, too.

I just love keys, especially antique, uniquely designed ones. This cover in person has raised text and shiny silver embellishment. Not to mention, black, silver and blue are good spooky, wintry colors.

Keeping with the shiny theme, this cover has a wonderful illustration, sparkles, and the tastiest green color scheme. I couldn't help but pick it up (more than once) from the shelf at the library before I finally added it to my growing 'to read' pile.

This is another book I couldn't help but pick up more than once. I've already raved over this cover in past entries, but I couldn't resist raving again. Yay for creepy, atmospheric cover art!

I love both of these covers for different reasons. The first I love for its traditional pen-and-ink design. The twisted trees and leafy details, as well as the pastel color scheme, are elegant. Very Victorian, like the illustrations of old storybooks. The second I love for its color and impact. Flat, lineless, vector-style illustration has incredible pop appeal. (my favorite has to be the first, though)

What are your favorite book covers?


  1. That Fablehaven cover reminds me of the kind of fantasy drawings my brother used to love. Beautifully done. And yes, the green is very effective.

  2. Great choices! I was drawn to buy Incarceron and The Replacement based on their covers too. CreepyShiny textured covers are awesome.

  3. The Replacement cover is one I love a lot; it's what made me buy the book.

  4. I adore the vector-y Wicked cover. Perfection :) And The Replacement's cover art always freaks me out, haha...

  5. I've noticed a trend: fantasy tends to have the most striking book covers.

  6. The cover on The Replacement has me. WOW! And I am ashamed that I have not read any Holly Black. Must correct. I think I will start with Tithe.

  7. I knew when I saw your blog header that I would love your choices :-)

  8. I like like Tithe and also The Replacement. Both of the Wicked covers are great. I have the second one as a poster from seeing the musical. Love the musical.

  9. Ohhh, really good choices! I almost put THE REPLACEMENT down as one of mine (I didn't particularly enjoy the book, but the cover was awesome!).
    Love the cover for TITHE!

  10. I love the cover of THE REPLACEMENT too... so dark and creepy. And the green/black/white cover of WICKED is one of the coolest covers out there. :)

  11. I'd forgotten about the Wicked cover. I loved the way they used flat color for it.


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