Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Fat Monday Update

First off, thanks to all my new followers and welcome! I've had a really busy weekend - family visits, moving furniture, cleaning house, general errand-running. It's only Monday, but it's felt more like a Friday, and I'm already behind in the work that actually pays. (I do online advertising for .)

I've started three of the four books I got from the library, trying to find the next one that I won't want to put down. The lineup in order of interest: The Body Finder, The Graveyard Book, Uglies. I haven't started Tithe yet. Unfortunately, the book I read before them was The Hunger Games (which I still need to post a review for), and it's a tough act to follow.

The books disappointed me a little. You have to be in the right mood for The Graveyard Book but the writing is good, and Uglies is a little fluffy, but maybe it'll improve as I read further. A few chapters into The Body Finder and I'm already thinking of how the author could've made it more exciting. That's what inspired me to dive back into my own second novel manuscript today, and boy, did it feel good!

I just wish it didn't take reading dissatisfaction to inspire me to write, but I needed that push to jump back in. I wrote my first short fantasy story because I couldn't find what I wanted to read in high school. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. So, boredom must be the mother of creativity.

What inspires you to write after a long hiatus? Do you self-motivate or do you need a good sharp prod in the posterior? I'm a horrible self-motivator, so I have to jump on inspiration when it hits.


  1. If dissatisfaction with a novel sparks inspiration, then go with it. Nothing wrong with that. Even reading a story and thinking of a better way that same story can be told, or just a different way that appeals to a different audience (think Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story... and the countless takes on the same theme).

    Whatever gets you writing!

  2. Hi Danielle!
    I'm still Paying it Forward--I move slowly!
    I think you have a good list of books to read. I haven't read Uglies yet, but my students really like it.
    I don't wait for inspiration--I set a timer and write. That works for me.

  3. *sighs* and I totally misspelled your name. I apologize!

  4. Right now my biggest motivator is my fans, so I may have to wait until my second book comes out next year to start writing the third one.


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