Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A day in the Tangled Forest

Today I felt better than I have since I got the news about Pip. Today I actually felt like getting out of the house. My younger sister and I cleared away vines and dead branches from the forest that my backyard has become. We have a sprawling horizontal tree that fell during an ice storm and it lived, growing upward, ever since. As time passed and no one touched it, smaller trees sprang up around its branches and trunk, a rosebush nearly took over beneath it, and this snarl of a grapevine has almost consumed the rest. We hacked and chopped at the tangled forest until we'd managed to clear a way under the tree. Then we worked on freeing it from the vine, which was no small task.

I sat in a fallen tree under a perfect, gray autumn sky, watching leaves blow by in a wind that smelled of rain... and it was glorious. Anytime you get to climb trees when you're over thirty, it's a good day.

I still feel sad, and I'm going to feel sad for a long time when I think of her - my Pip, my friend who was so silly and kind and creative. But today I felt permission to keep going.


  1. I'm sorry you lost such a sweet woman of a friend.

    I agree. Anytime a grown woman can climb a tree, it's a good day. My little sister and I went out into the forest behind my house and tried to climb a particular tree. I failed, but went back to finally triumph. :) It was a good day.

  2. It is never easy losing a friend, especially when you have few to grieve with.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my post, I have a banner in the works with someone else already. But I looked over your site and loved your drawings.

  3. Rachel, thanks. It's getting a little easier with time. I'm glad you finally triumphed over that tree! I'm the same. I can't let a tree I've set my sights on best me.

    Sarah, yes. But my family is very understanding. They heard me talk about her a lot. Thanks, and no problem, I just thought I'd offer. I hope your new banner rocks.

  4. Hi there,
    I am just hopping over from the PIF blogfest, I'm sorry it's taken me so long. So many to get around. Anyway hope you are well. Your blog is great.
    Eve :)

  5. I am sending you my best...and hugs. It is so, so hard to lose someone close to you and especially so when that loss comes as such a shock. Enjoy those trees, that climbing. Pip _really_ will be with you on the way, it will just take some time for the grief to move aside so you can fully feel her.

    And on the tree climbing...yeah..I did when I was little, to myself way up there then couldn't get down! These days, there is the risk of fifty year old bones gettin' broked :)

  6. Boo ya I agree, and remember you still have close ties to pip thru, those of us who live here, its going to take time, for us all. If you could climb that tree for me, (aswell that would be great).

  7. Thanks, everyone. And you're right, Fee, I do have ties. Online friendships can often feel imagined when there's no confirmation of them in the real world, but I had known Pip for so long that she was the most real of any of them.


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