Monday, October 3, 2011

One Step Closer!

I don't usually post two blog entries in one day, but I just got a request for a partial manuscript from one of the agents I queried, and I'm through the roof! I was in the middle of typing a new query letter from scratch, since I thought my others weren't good enough. Well, it looks like they were good enough!

Now it's time for hoping and praying, and believing that if she's the right one, she'll love my book. *fingers crossed*

What I've learned from this is that, it's not necessarily the query letter, and it's not necessarily the manuscript. Sometimes it's just not the right agent.


  1. I just left a comment on your post from Saturday where it sounded like you were losing hope of finding an agent... woohoo!! Congrats! Like I said then, it just takes one agent to love your novel as much as you do. Perhaps this is the one? I'm hoping with you!

  2. I was starting to get discouraged, yes. It's amazing how things work out, isn't it?


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