Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pretties - YA Playlist

Since I'm reading a lot of YA lately, including Uglies by Scott Westerfield, I've decided to share some pretties. All of these artists have three things in common - youth, looks, and the attitude of popular YA books. Some songs are in english and some aren't. I decided this was a good excuse to share a bit of my favorite K-pop along with some bands you might already know.

If you don't know what K-pop is, you can check out the Wiki article. The reason I added K-pop to the YA playlist is because in South Korea girl groups and boy bands are huge and they've been huge for a long time. And we all know boy bands have always been popular with teen girls. According to Seventeen Magazine, boy bands are coming back to the US by way of the UK and popular reality shows - and don't forget Nickelodeon. Who knows? They might end up being big here again. (I can already hear some of you screaming "Noooooo!")

What I love about K-pop (besides the overabundance of cute) is the fresh, youthful attitude the groups have. Much like American boy bands from the '90's. Most of the videos are focused on having fun and showing off the artist's dance skills rather than promoting sex or drugs. (I wonder if some American singers can dance to save their lives.)

One last note: If Big Bang ever had a concert close enough or affordable enough, I would be on the next bus... or flight.

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