Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Temptation of NaNo

Okay, so I've said that I don't usually post twice in one day, but this can't wait. With all the NaNoWriMo talk floating around I couldn't help but be taken in just a little by it. In years past I've been stubborn and stalwart against doing NaNo, and I'll tell you why. I simply won't not edit. There. I said it. I have a horrible time not tweaking a sentence or a paragraph that I don't feel comfortable with yet.

I'm a pantser and I edit as I write rather than do a series of big, fat edits at the end of the manuscript. Editing in pieces is just much easier for me. Long hard jobs are too daunting, especially if they're creative. (I have a hard time working on an illustration for more than a few hours, also.) Plus, if I know an edit could change the outcome of the rest of the book, I'd rather do it now than have to rewrite many chapters. To me it's like trying to build a house without nails. It's going to fall down in the end.

I've looked over NaNo in the past and never seen anywhere that it says I'm not allowed to edit as I go. But when I run into people promoting NaNo in chatrooms, on forums, etc, I keep hearing "silence your inner editor". This is why I've been so against it all this time. I have to edit. It's my thing. Don't judge me!!! - But I can also produce word count. At least I'm pretty sure I can. So, I'm thinking of doing NaNo my own way, with minor editing.

If anyone has done NaNo with minor or major editing and still managed to meet their word count at the end of the month, I'd love to hear those stories. But here is the reason that I am so tempted by NaNo this year.

I have this story. It's one of those instances where I was listening to a song ("Monster" by Lady Gaga... don't judge me) and I just began to get ideas. The story is like a combination of Dracula and Beauty and the Beast. Typically I don't write romance and I don't write about vampires. But this won't be about a vampire. Just a monster. Two monsters, actually. Maybe three.

Basic plotline: Girl has two monstrous men in her life. One is a monster outwardly, and one is a monster inwardly. Monster #1 is her friend and Monster #2 is her fiance. There is a castle involved, and all the fun of the girl finding out Monster #2 really is a monster. There is a tentative love triangle, there is the whole "I can change him" novelty, there is a fun scary part where the monster (I won't tell you which one) tries to eat the girl. Then I wrap it up with an ending I'm still trying to work out.

This story's been eating away (pun fully intended) at my mind all day and if I do decide to do NaNo I can't wait to start on it. So... whatta ya think?


  1. There are those who are all about winning NaNo and following all the rules.

    Then there are a lot of us who just focus on the community and succeeding at individual goals. Perhaps it is technically a loss to come in under 50k at the end of the month, but who cares?

    So what if you set your goal to 30k with editing?

  2. If you can edit as you go and still crank out 1700 words a day, why not? I did a little editing and still hit the target a few days early. And I am really slow when it comes to typing.


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