Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks and Treats!

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! The last day of October, the day before All Saints Day, and Nanowrimo. Whichever you're celebrating, I hope you enjoy it.

As for me, Halloween wouldn't be complete without carving my yearly jack-o-lantern. I picked out a big, fat pumpkin a few weeks ago and it's been sitting on my porch, faceless, since. So, tonight I carved it. And lit it, so it can do its duty and frighten nasty spooks away. (I'm not really afraid of nasty spooks, but I find the lore surrounding jack-o-lanterns pretty fascinating.)

My day has been filled with work, moving things, and staying out of the way of workmen who were tearing up my floors and ceilings (and replacing them with new ones). It's been a long day.

So, now that the tricks are over, it's time for some treats. First off, thanks to Bailey over at Over Yonder for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! (methinks she must've seen the Doctor Who fanart, mixed with the playlists, the writing tips, and the bloghop entries.) Here're the bloggers I chose to pass the award on to:

I picked Erin and Laura over at
A** Over Teacup.
Just the title of their blog alone made me curious. As did their subtitle "Well, after this I should think nothing of falling down stairs..." *big Alice in Wonderland fan*

I might've dropped the ball a bit. (but with people tearing up my floor, I think I might be excused) When I find more bloggers to award, I'll make another post, but for now, on to the seven random facts!

1. I love seasonal candies. And right now I'm scarfing down candy corn. (that's right, my precious)
2. I approach life from a 'buffet' perspective. I want to have a little bit of everything and mix it together. (like music and art, sketching and blogging, traditional and offbeat)
3. I'm fascinated by the ocean and the creatures living in it,
but I'm frightened to death of drowning... and I can't swim.
4. Ever since elementary school, when I have chili I want to have a peanut butter sandwich with it.
5. I love words like 'rather', 'shall', 'methinks' and 'possibly' and incorporate them in everyday conversation whenever I get the chance.
6. I own a black cat with no tail and one white whisker that everyone wants to pull out. (he was born without a tail. the whisker he grew on his own)
7. If I go too long without drawing something, when I finally do, I'll end up drawing into the wee hours, and the next morning after I wake up.

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  1. great halloween post and the pumpkin pics rock. I love your random facts, I like to use the word methinks too :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you had an awesome halloween honey and didn't eat too many sweets.:)
    As you say still lots of blogs to go around on the PIF blogfest....good luck i go boing boing!!!!


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