Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deja Vu and Other News

So, this blog hop landed right in my lap, thanks to Bailey at Over Yonder getting it from Colin who got it from the lovely people who started it. (Isn't it great how the blogosphere works?) I'd been thinking about this very thing lately - a chance to repost an old blog post that I don't think got enough attention. It saves me having to write a new post, and it gives me a chance to meet a whole bunch of new people. It also gives me some exposure, which is nice. Never underestimate exposure. If you get a chance, check it out. It's made of win.

Now, on to the 'other news'. I've tried before (unsuccessfully) to cut back my blogging, but instead I became a blog addict. I don't have it organized, I blog on whims, and my followers never know when I'm going to blog. I pretty much break all the blogging rules I've read. (I'll make a post about that sometime. Should be fun.)

I'm trying to work on getting organized, but I've always had a problem with it. They say artists are innately disorganized, but that could just be a myth. So, in effort to get organized, I'm trying to cut back on blogging yet again. It might make it easier on my followers too, since you'll know what to expect and when to expect it. (more or less)

I appreciate all of you. I'll have to do some kind of contest in the future to reward you guys. I'm still thankful my introduction to the blogging world has gone so well. So, here's me signing off until I get a better schedule. (which means I'll probably pop up later this week with a post or two. ...Boy, this isn't going to be easy.)

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  1. I completely sympathize, Donelle! Blogging is fun, and there are so many great blogs around you can easily end up spending all your time reading and writing blogs. I know I need to be more disciplined (and I *have* a blogging schedule... sort of!). I wish you all the best with putting one together--and even more wishes for the best with keeping to it!

    The blogfest should be fun. I'll be looking out for your post! :)


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