Friday, November 18, 2011

Fight For You - Good Fridays

In case you don't know yet, Good Fridays are when I highlight a few things that I'm thankful for during the week. Things that are good (hence the title). I just realized I haven't written a Good Fridays post since October 15th. The week before I found out about Pip. When I think about her I still feel like this:

In fact, the last conversation we had was about Doctor Who. But, like the Doctor, I regenerated... sort of. I'm still regenerating. So today what I'm thankful for is Pip. And this is the story:

I met Pippa Jameson in a chatroom on MSN when I used to do online roleplay. (If you want to know about that, I'll tell you in another post.) This was many years ago. It's hard to believe I've known Pip that long.

It began with just character interaction, but after awhile we were chatting on MSN messenger (this lets you know how long ago it was). We became great friends, and I'll tell you why. Pip balanced me.

If you've ever met someone who is sunlight to your fire, then you'll understand what I mean. We had enough in common that we got along well and could share interests. But we were different enough to influence each other (in good ways and bad). She got to see the worst of me, and, I like to think, the best of me also.

(Pip sees all!)

Whenever she was online, we'd RP or just chat. She was always the first to know about late-night schemes and ideas I had. Since she lived in New Zealand, I'd stay up late just to talk to her. She was always supportive, and took my rotten mood's in stride. Anytime she had a problem or someone was giving her trouble, I'd put my avenging angel wings on and threaten to kick its butt. This seemed to help, even if I couldn't kick anything since I was on the other side of the world.

Pip and I created a lot of things. And those things live on - most of them inside my head. Whether in character, or as ourselves, I'd fight for Pip.

Do you have a friend who is sunlight to your fire, the peanut butter to your celery, the apple to your sauce?


  1. Nice your blog name and the design.

    Stopping by to have a look around.



  2. Thanks for the follow, and welcome! Glad you like my blog, and thanks for the link to yours.


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