Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am Doom! - Roadtrip Wednesday

It's time again for another Roadtrip Wednesday!

This week's topic:
What are your writing and publishing superpowers?

I told myself I wouldn't do any more of these until I got further on my Nano, but I can't resist - especially when so many other people are doing it.

"Only Doom dares to dream! All others serve!"
Why Doctor Doom? Uh... I have a thing for world-domination.
(edit) Okay, it's because I like things big, I like things brilliant, and I like things MINE.

And now, my superpowers!

1. Character creation/development: From the character design, to the personality, I put a lot into making great characters. Sometimes my supporting characters will turn out great unintentionally and become an integral part of my story. But, I love it so much, I can get obsessed and it'll become my kryptonite.

2. Pantsing brilliance: No other way to explain this than just my subconscious is brilliant even when my conscious is a little dull. As I write, I watch plot tie itself together, strands that I'd almost forgotten about miraculously connecting themselves later in the story. I don't even know how this happens, but I'm glad it does!

3. Chapter titles: These are a lot of fun, and addictive. They only stumble me once in awhile.

4. Finally, my not-so-secret weapon: Illustration. If I have a problem describing a character or don't have a handle on what he/she is like, I just pull out my sketchbook. A few sketch pages later, I usually know the character much better. Or I'll keep at it until I do.

My kryptonite:

1. Deadlines: Ugh. Death. Dismemberment. I have a hard time sticking to them. I have a hard time self-imposing them and typically can't reach them because I just can't trick myself into thinking they matter. It has to be a party outside myself - a higher authority - that imposes them on me so I feel like there are consequences to not reaching them.

2. Book Titles: It's the pressure that this is the ultimate label for my manuscript, the word or words that everyone will know and speak once it hits shelves. A bad title can sink a book. Just like bad cover art can. I can't screw that up. Thinking about book titles, and especially series titles kills me a little inside.

3. Synopsis: I can throw together a pretty, polished, professional query letter... until it comes to the synopsis. There are so many ways a writer can pitch their book - for instance, mine could focus on the faerie aspect, or the boogeyman aspect, or just Lividia herself and her Victorian life. It all depends on the impression you want to give people about your book. It took me a very long time, and a handful of queries under my belt before I managed to get anything I really liked in this department.

What about you? What're your writerly superpowers? What's your writer kryptonite?


  1. Ugh, deadlines. Kill.

    I've had that happen where plot elements just magically connect to each other and turn out brilliantly, due to no effort of my own. Love that feeling!

  2. I find it interesting that chapter titles was a superpower for you and book titles was a kryptonite. I've never titled my chapters but imagine the two activities would require similar super abilities.

  3. I'm there on the deadlines too! Fighting one right now!

  4. Eeew...the synopsis. I think I hate the stinking synopsis more than the world, seriously.

    I do love when not-so-important characters suddenly step up to the plate. My subconscious is much more brilliant than my conscious writer brain as well. Love when things connect.

  5. I envy your pantsing brilliance! I pantsed my way through my the first novel I ever tried to write and holy crap it was a freaking MESS. None of my plot threads were easily braided together. There were so many little holes and inconsistencies... So now I outline, but only high-level stuff so I can connect the dots and not get *quite* so far off track :)

  6. Wow, your superpowers are amazing! Especially the one where your plot ties itself together like that. That's happened to me a few times in the one novel I panstered, but normally I feel like I NEED to outline.

    I like your blog! I'm now a follower! Whoot! Exclamation points!

  7. Haha, I'd help you with your deadline phobia, but I think it's something I was born with. Sorry. :( Anyway, pantsing for the win! (Even though it adds to my distraction...)

  8. Sarah, yes! That feeling rocks! It's as if you're in tune with something beyond yourself. Some creative consciousness that helps with plot.

    Kate, yes isn't it? I think I wouldn't have such a problem with book titles if I didn't feel like they were such a big deal. Need to tap into my chapter titling power!

    Suze, Good luck with your deadline! We can conquer them, but we just have to jump over those hurdles! (and I tend to keep tripping and falling over a lot of them, then dragging them with me.)

    Jessica, there needs to be some award for our brilliant subconscious. And any character that develops itself past what we had intended for it deserves all the love we can give it.

    Sara, thanks! We all have our superpowers and sometimes I envy those who can outline. But the great thing about our different methods is that we all arrive eventually at the same conclusion: a finished manuscript, regardless how we get there.

    Rain, thanks for following my blog! I hope you like it, and comment as much as you feel like. And frankly, if you need to outline, you need to outline. Whatever gets your book written!

    Bailey, awww. That's okay, though. We're all born with different talents and a lot about meeting deadlines I think is just time management. *cracks whip at herself* Gotta get organized!


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