Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired Tuesdays: My Literary Hero

I don't usually do prompts, but I got a great idea for one today and I'm testing it out. I have Good Fridays already, but perhaps there should be something at the beginning of the week. So, this is a trial run for something I want to make a regular thing: something that crosses the bounds of both writing and illustration. I'm calling it Inspired Tuesdays. The point of Inspired Tuesdays is to explore what inspires writers and artists to create. What influences us, keeps us going, and makes us excited to do what we do?

The song for today is "You're The Inspiration" by Chicago. Here are the questions:

What literary character left the biggest impression on you and your writing? (and)
What writer/artist influenced your style and inspired you to follow the path you're on?

You can answer both, or just one. Leave your answers in the comments or link to your own blog post. Here are mine.

My literary hero is Alice. She's brave, curious, logical, and is filled with awe and wonder. That's mostly because she is still a child. I haven't been affected by any other heroine in the same way (though Heidi runs a close second). I love child protagonists because they aren't confused by hormones, or any other complications that growing up bestows. They don't have to prove themselves to anyone but themselves. They have an entirely different set of expectations - from the world and from themselves. In a way, they see the world a lot clearer, and once they understand something, they simply accept it. They believe in things without having mountains of proof. They're not afraid of asking questions or exploring. The world is forever new to them, and the people in it - no matter how mundane - are frightening, or amazing, or miraculous. Any world to a child can be a wonderland!

And now, moving on to my artistic influences. My creative godfathers are Yoshitaka Amano, Gerald Brom, Jim Henson, and Wendy Pini.

Ever since I did a report on Amano in college, I've admired the man. I played games he did character design for (Final Fantasy). I watched anime he illustrated (Vampire Hunter D). And I wanted to pattern my career after his. His inks are elegant and amazing, and his colored work has so much detail I'd lose my mind to try it myself. It's like a faerie world in every illustration!

Brom. There's so much I could say about him, but his art speaks for itself. Dark, textured, sexy, creepy, magical, haunting, and fantastic (among other words). He makes redheads hotter than they could ever be in real life. I love his skill with skintone, his way with leather and fabric, and his warm, burnt, rusty palette. Yes, sir, your art is win. So much win.

And now Jim Henson. What can I say? I loved Farscape, I loved Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and the Muppets. There didn't seem to be anything this man couldn't do. He'll be a classic forever.

Wendy Pini. When I was little - so little my brother had to screen my comic books for me - I discovered Elfquest. If any of you remember Elfquest, you'll recall it was an adventure of a band of elves who had large anime eyes, but western comic bodies, and lived in an alternative universe. This was because Wendy was influenced by anime (which I'd later learn when I got older and researched her). But her drawing style made such a mark on me that it's followed me through most of my life. Her characters were playful and fun (and reminded me a good deal of Peter Pan. Especially Skywise). I'm not sure if my love of pointy-eared men started with her, but it very well could have.

So, there are my inspirations for this Tuesday. What are yours?


  1. Character: The shark from Jaws. Simple, pure motivation, and undeniably evil, and one of the best fictional villains that you will ever meet. This is the snowball that started my particular avalanche of creativity and writing. Absolutely.

    Writers and artists: Richard Matheson. Jim Henson. Richard Laymon. Brian Lumley. H.R. Giger. Carl Sagan.


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