Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspired Tuesdays: Where Do You Get Ideas?

I broke my blogging fast to post an Inspired Tuesdays question. Inspired Tuesdays is a blog prompt. You can answer it in comments or link to your own blog post. Don't forget to check back here every Tuesday for a new prompt!

This week's question: Where do you get your ideas?
No, I don't mean what you read, or what you watch. I mean location.

Mine is the bathroom. Specifically, the shower.

(check out this terrifying shower curtain. I wouldn't sleep for weeks!)

It's the one place in my house where I have nothing to do but think. No one can interrupt a shower - well, they can try but it's usually not very effective. There's no information to absorb but bubbles and steam. There're no cats to feed or children to chase after. It's a perfect place to let ideas flow.

The only problem with bathing brainstorming is that if you get an idea, you often lose it before you're dry enough to write it down. When I googled shower brainstorming, I found this, and think it's a great concept:

It can be found on the gadget page of NeatNewStuff.com. What a practical little gadget for writers!

Well, that's the end of this Inspired Tuesdays. Where do you get ideas? What makes that place special? Don't forget to leave a comment.


  1. I need one of those! I also need someone who can ride in the car with me and take notes, because that's another place that I brainstorm. And that shower curtain has scarred me for life. Thanks, Donelle. :O

  2. OK, I'll say it... let's hear it for the toilet! The great seat of inspiration. I've had a number of good ideas while... um... occupied thereon. While drifting off to sleep, too--in bed, not on the toilet, though. Sleeping on the toilet is not a good plan. Especially when you have 6 females in your household. :)

  3. Oh! And I've also awarded you the Liebster Blog Award, so stop by my blog to pick it up! Congrats!! :D

  4. Hehe, great places to get ideas, guys!

    Colin, you are very right - also about the six ladies in your house! They'd kick you out of that bathroom so fast your brainstorm would only be a light drizzle!

    Bailey, Thanks! You're just giving blog awards out like candy lately! Awesome! ... and sorry about scarring you for life. *gives cookies*


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