Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing Lividia

I decided to take a break from a larger illustration I'm working on to show you a piece of it. I wanted to introduce you to Lividia Blackwell, the main character of my YA Victorian fantasy series. Her first book (which I call A Shadow Story) is finished, the second in progress.

This is Lividia.

Lividia Blackwell is the only daughter of Samuel and Elira Blackwell. Her hair is very dark and her eyes are very light. They are gray-blue and always look a little sad. She has the appearance of someone who has seen what no one else can see. And she has.

Lividia is seventeen, tall, and very thin. She is so pale that when she wears white she startles people. She has a habit of exploring her large stone house when everyone else has gone to bed. She also has a habit of finding out secrets. Lividia has always been good at finding things - especially things that no one wants found.

Lividia's personality is like a jewelry box with a secret compartment. Beneath what you expect to find is always something more. She's thoughtful, curious, and observant. She is brave but doesn't realized just how brave she is. Her temper flares brighter over an injustice done to a loved one than to herself. If she is faced with a problem, she considers it from all angles before diving into it. She is only frightened by what she can't rationalize. And it's what she can't rationalize that draws her.

Lividia is most comfortable curled up in a chair in her father's library, reading gothic novels. She doesn't mind library dust, since she doesn't trust rooms that are too clean. They remind her of museums.

Lividia's favorite color is emerald green. Blue is her second favorite. She admires purple on other people, but thinks it makes her look like a giant bruise. Red is completely out of the question. (It is also her cousin Nephenia's favorite color, but I'll talk about her later.)

Lividia's favorite animal is actually an arachnid. She's fascinated by spiders. She always has been and she assumes she always will be. They're terribly dangerous for something so delicate, and they are good at sewing. That's why she admires them.

Lividia is a late bloomer. She might be seventeen, but she resents the pressure society and her father has put upon her to grow up. Most of her interest in young men is confined to the heroes in her books. She isn't impressed by money or power. If she were to pick a match for herself, she would want just that. A match. A friend and a companion. Someone with whom she could share her dreams, her thoughts, and her day.

Lividia's mother wasn't human, but Lividia doesn't know just how different she is yet. My first book is the story of her discovery and the path it leads her down.

I really like Lividia so far and I hope you do too. You'll be reading about her as soon as I can get this book published!

The music I listen to the most when writing Lividia is Delirium. Here are two of their songs.


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