Friday, November 4, 2011

Joining the Rebellion

This week has been crazy for me. I already mentioned in my Wednesday post that we've had little mini reconstructions happening in our house. Like walls, ceilings, and floors replaced or reinforced. Only one of each, but it's still a big deal. The workers did a great job and it's been exciting watching rooms change before your eyes, but it stresses you out and throws off your schedule. We got a new fridge and a new hot water heater, so there's been major appliance moving going on too.

The work invaded our space this entire week. I and my family had to keep finding a different room to take refuge in until they were done. But eventually they were finished. And now we can relax... after we clean. There's plaster dust all over the upstairs, I have sheets to wash and floors to mop. I also have a lot of things to move back into the rooms they worked on. The living room needs to function as a living space again.

Needless to say, this has cost me valuable writing time. After a day of all this, and trying to keep on top of my job, I am too tired. So, I'm thinking now is the time to become a Nano rebel. I'm behind in the novel I started (1,218 words, which I'm pantsing), but I have a perfectly good second Lividia novel I've been neglecting that is far more interesting to me right now. I might even tackle both of them when things settle down.

I don't intend to 'win' Nano, but I think I need to start fresh, and start next week instead. Here's to everyone who's doing their own thing in Nano!


  1. Happy NaNo Day Five!
    Hopefully the initial excitement is still going strong, but if not I've come with a toolbox of inspiration. Ready?

    First, quote of the day: Don't give up what you want most for what you want right now.

    Second, NaNo Tip of the Day: Don't forget to reward yourself. It is often easier to notice our lagging word count numbers than to notice how far we've already come.

    Good luck!!! Just keep writing!!!

  2. Did you get one of those tankless water heaters? I hear those are sexy and provide endless hot water :) Good luck with nano.

  3. Thanks, Sommer! Great quotes. I'm going to go after what I want! Rewards are an excellent way to keep going, too. I need to figure out some of those, aside from fattening foods to tempt myself with.

    Michael, they just replaced the old one with a similar one. And it soon got wrapped up in puffy white stuff. So now I have a big marshmallow sitting there. But it works better than the old one!


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