Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dare to Dream

I haven't had a lot of time online for a couple days, and wasn't able to participate in this week's Roadtrip Wednesday (which looked like fun), so I thought I'd get on for a quick inspiring entry tonight.

With Christmas fast approaching, family feels closer than ever before, and the new year is sparkling ahead (or looming ahead, in some cases). What is on your mind this time of year? Getting through the holidays? Taking that trip to visit in-laws? Making your list of New Year's resolutions?

I have a ton of things on my mind. The energy in the air makes me want to get out, but the crowds of people make me want to run back home again. (I'm so torn!) I'm thinking of a new job, but the one I have is just now starting to take off. I want to freelance illustrate, but I also need time to work on my second book and get an agent for the first one. It's like candy-colored chaos in my head!

The approaching New Year feels like a new beginning to me, and it didn't used to. I was always a little wary of it, unsure of what lay ahead. But this year I have resolutions to spare, plans I haven't even thought of, and goals that dangle like a carrot, waiting for me to come get them.

What are your plans, and aspirations for this New Year? How about for the holidays? (Survival is always a good answer.)

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  1. After seeing that picture I'll now have to add "bake cookies" to my list.


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