Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pizza and Free Puppies

There's no Inspired Tuesday post this week. But I did want to welcome all my new followers and say thanks for the comments! Blogs aren't very social things, but I wish they were. Comments feel like a one-way street and posting can seem like sticking a page of your journal up on a bulletin board, surrounded and often covered up by fliers for pizza delivery or free puppies. How can you compete with pizza and free puppies?

With the holidays coming up, I might disappear for awhile. Half my family is going out-of-state to visit in-laws, and I won't see them until after Christmas. We're planning to get together New Year's Day with the new members of the clan.

This year I've gained five new nieces and nephews, plus a sister-in-law. I already had two nephews and a brother-in-law, two sisters, a brother, and a mom. Wrangling all those people isn't an easy task. Neither is finding a date when everyone is free. (Here's hoping everyone else's holiday family-wrangling goes smoothly!)

For all my friendly followers and commenters, here's a bit of my odd music taste! These songs make me happy. Hope you like them too.

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