Monday, May 9, 2011

"Manuscript With Agent"

What do those three little words mean? I was doing some google homework on the agent I have sent my manuscript off to, and I just keep learning new and exciting things about her! The first time I googled her, I felt rather mooncalfish, befuddled, and green. Like a human discovering a faerie ring and being suddenly transported into another world, I had no idea what I'd found. I had to educate myself.

Well, all I've read and heard are good things. I have been in contact with Michelle Andelman for around two years now as I worked on my manuscript. She's been terribly patient and enthusiastic when I updated her on my progress. And now the day of reckoning has come. I have sent her my full manuscript, along with illustrations for the story formerly titled Dust and Dreams. I have since titled it Lividia: A Shadow Story, but I am not sure if that title will stick.

I sent Michelle my manuscript May 9th late in the evening, and by early evening Thursday she'd already gotten back to me. She said she'd started reading my manuscript and it was already drawing her in! She will get back to me after she's finished it.

So, I'm waiting with baited breath and clammy fingers, reading reviews and testimonials from those who have worked with her. So many aspiring authors seek her representation, and I've had her attention all this time. I feel impossibly lucky, blessed, and fortunate.

If being cloudy-headed, cast about on life's sea led only by the stars and God lands me in such a wonderful spot, I'm glad I am!
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