Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Blog

I love you. I want to tell you everything - from how I saved the day helping my sister pirate my wireless internet from her house (two houses away), to how I am so eager to query my face wants to explode and I can't because I need to line-edit first, but... who are those people watching us? And why do I suddenly feel pressure to be entertaining?


  1. I feel a little like I'm writing in your diary but love the poster. Unless you need to send pages, you can query as you are doing those edits. From what I've read, agents are busy enough that you don't have to send it in immediately. Unless you aren't sure you are going to finish. Then certainly wait.

  2. thanks, Nancy. I think that's a pretty good compromise. I thought of that, but I was afraid I'd be asked immediately to start sending the MS, and I'm not done with the edits.


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