Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Time! Play Time!

I'm so excited! At the moment I'm mentally running around my house waving my arms in the air. And you know why? I have a couple hours of time before bed and I'm in a great mood. I think the mood is why, but the hours definitely help.

The trouble with free time is that I don't know how to fill it. And when I finally figure out the best possible way, then it's over. Has that happened to you? I get so excited. I grab my 'To Do' list and then I think "uh oh, this will take more than a couple hours". So, I eliminate the things on the list that will take too long and try to do the other things. The eliminating takes time too, of course. In the end, guess what I decide to do? Something that wasn't even on the list!

And tonight, I think it's going to be Alice: Madness Returns. Unless it's retitling my novel again. One of those.

I just remembered something. About two handfuls of Brach's Classic Flavors conversation hearts. I suspect that may also be a reason why I'm mentally bouncing off the walls.

What do you fill your free time with? And don't say handfuls of candy hearts. I've had way too much of them for one night - or maybe forever. Barf.


  1. I don't know what free time is anymore :) There's always something I have to get done or should be doing...ahhh free time, where have you gone?

  2. Free time is always snatched and usually I read or snack or snack and read.

  3. I love candy hearts! I'll steal the one's you have left so you can avoid another hurt tummy!

    I'm with Hope, I wish I knew what free time felt like. I should really take some time for myself this week. In fact, I think you've sparked something quite magical with this visit. A reason to go to a coffee shop and enjoy myself. Time to do whatever it is I want to do!

  4. Hope: there's always something to get done or I should be doing too. As long as something to get done includes a little you time. Otherwise the stress can really get to you.

    Nancy, I'm glad you snatch it! I love snacking and reading. It's a great way to spend stolen time.

    *unloads candy hearts onto Jen* Yay! I bought two bags this time. What was I thinking??

    Yes! Make the time you set aside for yourself meaningful. Even if it's just a half hour or twenty minutes. A coffee shop sounds great!

  5. It's so weird--whenever I have free time, it's not really free time, it's just time when I don't realize I still have homework or critiquing or editing to do. So then I get bored and think, "Well what now?"

    And then I remember I actually have stuff to do... >.<


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