Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspired Tuesdays: Inspiring Jobs

This Inspired Tuesday pretty much snuck up on me. I was in the middle of my 'car job' and I realized it was Tuesday, so I'm taking a break to write this. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads blogs on Tuesdays, since so many do the Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule. But here it is!

Inspired Tuesdays is a kind of weekly meme about what inspires you/me/everyone who's creative to do the creative things we love to do.

This week's topic is: Inspiring Jobs. Have you ever had, or currently have, a job that inspires you to be creative, produce a piece of work you're very proud of, or just really look forward to getting up in the morning?

I've had a handful of various jobs on my journey into adulthood, and as an adult, I've still not found that 'perfect job' for me. I want a career, but it's not easy to become a professional illustrator/author/character designer, etc. Breaking into the creative field is like trying to puncture a rubber wall with a letter opener, and freelance can't always guarantee you a steady income. I have bills to pay and things to buy, so I have another job.

I advertise for a new company that works with car dealerships to help them sell their cars online. I never thought I'd be in advertising and I never thought I'd sell cars, but here I am and I'm not half bad. So, while this job isn't in my field, it's helping me learn advertising, which I think every writer and artist should know. It's also letting me exercise my general cleverness and creative problem-solving.

You'll have many jobs in your search for the career of your dreams, but what matters is that you get the most out of each job you take. They can do more than simply pay your bills. They can help you learn about yourself. And who knows? The job you take to pay your bills could become the career of your dreams!


  1. Good way to look at it. I need a job to pay the bills too. And I'll be making a career change in the next few years.

  2. I used to be a programmer (software development). There were many times I felt my problem-solving and creativity exercised, and even stretched. It could be a lot of fun at times.


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