Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspired Tuesdays: Is that Really My Voice?

Do you hear voices? If you're a writer, that usually means your characters or plot are talking to you. Not that you're crazy. (Well, I hope that you're not.)You also should 'hear' another voice. Your writing voice.

This Inspired Tuesday is about 'writer voice'. I'll have to admit, this confuses the heck out of me sometimes. (It's a lot like 'illustrative style' which I heard a lot at SCAD.) When I went looking for the big secret behind writer voice, I found out there wasn't one. My writing (and illustration) already has a voice, and a style. Writer voice is just a writer's writing style, and the best way for them to connect with readers.

My writer voice is different on my blog than in my novels. For one thing, my current YA novel series is Victorian fantasy and I try to use words that herald back to that time. (Using a word like 'herald' is a pretty good example of writer voice.) My blog is more my everyday voice. This is closer to the way I talk to friends and family.

Doing a Google search for 'writer voice', I discovered this article on the blog Quips and Tips for Successful Writers. I thought it explained writer voice very well, and even gave some tips on improving it. If anyone is still confused about what writer voice is, check that article out. It's very helpful.

The article states that writer voice is hindered by bad writing, but good writing doesn't automatically give your writing a voice. It is a tool to help you strengthen that voice. So, how do you know if you have a voice?

Voice is when readers feel like an author is speaking directly to them. They can hear the storyteller in their heads as they turn the pages. They can feel the personality of the writer seeping through. They feel connected because, after reading that book, they feel like they know the author.

What's your take on writer voice? Do you like yours? Do you have some tips for writers who are still searching?

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