Monday, January 9, 2012

A Love Song to My Manuscript

In my last post I explained my revision method. And now I have an update. I didn't revise long, and I didn't revise hard, but I did revise! And it went very well. Then I reached a spot where I knew if I changed the scene, it would impact the rest of the book. So, now I'm stuck again until I get up the courage to either change that scene (and thereby change the rest of the book) or leave it alone and not worry about it.

As I paused in my revisions, I talked with Zakgirl (this girl continues to be my biggest cheerleader and I'm glad for it!) in chat about my MS and my next book. After bathing in her glowing compliments of my first novel, I decided to revisit my second and get past the scene that had me stuck. I rewrote the scene and loved it so much more after that! I finished the first chapter, and now I'm ready to leap head-first into the meat of the book and get my MC to her first destination. It's so exciting and this novel series is so close to my heart!

Hearing readers tell me how much they love my book makes me love it more myself. Then rereading makes me fall in love all over again, and want to share it with more people, spreading that love all over the place.

This is why I love my book: It's about a female protagonist who struggles against both Victorian expectations of her and otherworldly creatures in her first book. She uncovers shocking family secrets, and mysteries about her mother that not even her father is willing to tell her. She discovers new truths about herself, inner strength, and abilities beyond her imagination. She reunites with a guardian who she'd lost by 'growing up', but who has never ceased to watch over and care about her. (potential love interest? I won't say just yet!) All of this is wrapped up in shadows, old books, faerie legend and the ghosts of the past that haunt the present. Lividia doesn't just have to save herself in this book. She has to save her whole family. Like any teenager with a seemingly impossible task, she is unsure, afraid, and seeks answers anywhere she can find them.

There is magic in this book - old magic, like incantations, cleverness and cold iron. There is frustration, not knowing who to trust and what to reveal. There is family you wish you didn't have, but they're all you've got. And Lividia... Lividia is wonderful and pensive and hopeful, and carries in her heart the reason she must be the one to save them, and the reason The Strawman, The Sandman (and probably a few women too) want to kill her.

A love song to my manuscript:

Do you love your manuscript? What do you love most about it?


  1. I'm not at that place with my ms yet. :( It just doesn't feel ready to be shiny and showed off. I'm working on that though!

  2. You'll get there, Rachel! I edit a lot - as I write and then after I've finished. It takes awhile, but when it's all over, it's ready to be shown off!


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