Friday, January 20, 2012

My Deep Happy
Have you ever been in the middle of a task and thought all the while that you were doing it, "I love this. I want to do this for as long as I live. This satisfies me like nothing else can. When I do this, I feel productive and happy."  I felt like that today. I feel like that every time I illustrate - either digitally or with pen and ink. Writing is something I do for myself, but art I can do for anyone - me, you, that guy sitting next to you, the woman in the other room.

It's fun, it's creative, it's interesting, it's beautiful. It's one of the things that define me. I paddle out into it, sketching and exploring, and before I know it, I'm deep into hours of drawing and design. I emerge from it feeling alive, triumphant, productive, and wonderful. ...Also, pretty hungry. (did I mention I forget to eat when I'm working on a project?)

What activity makes you feel like this? And if you haven't found one yet, what activity do you desperately want to try?


  1. I get that feeling when I'm doing something that crosses over between what I feel like doing and what I should be doing.

    If I feel like doing art, and it has a purpose, then I am extremely content doing it. However, if I'm doing art but it's because I'm procrastinating doing something else, the experience is tainted by guilt.

    I often get a good feeling when I've finished a particularly involved piece of coding, but it's work and I find it hard to START. But once I get into the groove of it, I don't like to stop until it's done.

  2. I get that feeling when I write, but only sometimes. It's usually closer to the end of a scene, but sometimes it also happens when I'm planning. (Especially if things start coming together in a way that is just perfect!)

    It's rare, though, and it's usually gone by the nest time I open the document.

  3. Writing :) I especially feel that way when my ideas for the plot and characters start to come together. Those "aha moments" make me so ridiculously happy...

  4. I feel like that when I'm writing, blogging, and reading. It's heaven!

  5. Emm, that's the situation I was in when I felt that way myself! (you're reading my mind!) I had a commission I had to work on and so I was doing art and yet it had a purpose - besides just adding to my portfolio.

    Yael, agreed. Planning can give me a good rush too. You get really excited to sometime write all that's in your head. But in order to do that, you have to first plan it.

    Susan, awesome. I love those moments too. They're like bliss and cookies! (needs to remember that one)

    Lydia, yes! It's so great to be in your own private heaven, doing what you like.


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