Friday, January 6, 2012

Positive Resolutions: A Good Fridays Post

For all the new followers from the Insecure Writers blog hop, hi there and welcome! I didn't get around to nearly as many blogs as I wanted on Wednesday. The list isn't going anywhere, though.

Good Fridays is a weekly spot on my blog where I mention one or two good things about that week. This week, in keeping with New Year tradition, it's resolutions.

I feel very positive about this year. I have already gotten a good start at my resolutions. And just to pump myself up and see if I can manage it, here they are, in no particular order:

  • Sell things on Ebay to declutter my house and get money for better things (already started, woo!)
  • Finish the second novel in my Lividia series
  • Finish the illustrations for the first novel
  • Finish the ball-jointed doll I started making 5 years ago (life happened, major procrastination followed)
  • Make her some hair and clothes
  • Finally buy my second bjd (reward for years of waiting for the 'right' time to buy her)
  • Gain more blog followers *grins sheepishly*
  • Aquire an agent
  • Get better at piano

That's my list for now. What about yours?


  1. I haven't sold anything on ebay for quite some time. I should. Maybe I could get some money for old DVD's that I really never watch anymore. Sometimes I ask myself...why do I collect so much crap?

  2. I think I will lose 20 pounds and learn to play my guitar. Yours seem much more productive.

  3. Michael, I often ask myself the same thing! Old DVDs are a great idea, thanks!

    Bragon, I think yours sound good. Especially the guitar. I keep telling myself I'll get better at piano, but how can I if I don't practice?

  4. Donelle,
    I am now following. So techically, if you take the "s" off the follower goal then you've already accomplised one. I plan to get my black belt this year, submit at least two stories to WOTF contest, and re-edit at least one novel.

  5. Wow! You have some great resolutions. I wish I could de-clutter with selling some of my stuff on eBay too, but I am such an emotional keeper.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  6. Thanks for the follow Nancy! Those sound like some great goals for this year too. Good luck with all of them!

    You're welcome, Murees! Good luck with de-cluttering!


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