Thursday, February 23, 2012

Balancing Your Day and Your Life

Life can get crazy, and the internet can make it worse. So many obligations, appointments, and responsibilities in both places. It's hard to keep balance. I've found that my best, most fulfilling days are when I manage to satisfy each of these aspects of my life (even if it's in a small way): my body, my soul, my career, my creativity, my responsibilities, and my relationships with others. Responsibilities include things like feeding the pets, doing the chores, and work obligations - especially if your day job isn't your chosen career. The others are pretty self-explanatory.

I just found this awesome pie chart from Colorado State University's website which is exactly what I outlined, but with different terms. There are even six of them! (I actually didn't know about the pie chart before I started this post, which is pretty neat.)

Here are mine for today:

  • For my body, I showered and ate activia yogurt. Small, I know, but it counts!
  • For my soul, I thanked God/prayed and listened to KLove on the radio.
  • For my career, I joined the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, queried another agent and updated the portfolio on my website.
  • For my responsibilities, I worked my day job, and had a business meeting.
  • For my relationships with others, I visited with my sister, and played Minecraft with my nephew. 
  • For my creativity, I updated my portfolio, and then I played Minecraft by myself. (hush, it counts!)

This list didn't include Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, but I'm sure you could count those under Responsibilities or Career. 

How about you? What'd you do for your body, soul, career, responsibilities, relationships, and creativity today?


  1. I just joined SCBWI just the other day too! Felt like it was a good move :)

  2. Awesome that you both joined SCBWI. Important to balance your day. The trick is doing it.


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