Monday, February 27, 2012

Death by Chicken or How I Discovered Minecraft

I'm a little behind in comments/reading of blogs right now. Last Thursday I discovered a little game called Minecraft. Actually, I discovered it much earlier because my twelve-year-old nephew plays it, but I hadn't really played it much myself. Let me tell you, it's a completely different experience when it's you poking about underground or hacking up the turf with a shovel - not to mention, luring chickens and pigs into pens so you can harvest them later. Fun stuff.

Well, I won't go too geeky on you just now, since not many gamers read this blog (yet). I'll just say that I love caves! Sure, they're dark, creepy, echoing, monster-ridden chasms of doom, but when you put a few torches on the walls, plant some wheat, set up a bed and a worktable, they can become very cozy spaces. Just make sure you clear out all the monsters first. You really don't want to wake up to a creeper hissing by your bed.

As far as the ominous 'death by chicken' title, yes, I died by chicken... twice. That's what I get for luring chickens into my 'house' - which is really a castle-like hole straight down to a lava pool, the walls built out so they've become several levels. I didn't know how to house chickens, and they got out, ran amok in my house, trampled my wheat garden, and got loose on the outside levels. Trying to catch/kill/harvest them, I ended up tumbling headfirst down four levels and breaking my head. A very unpleasant experience. It left all my stuff lying on the ground and after I respawned I had to travel down to the bottom to reach it.

Farming chickens in Minecraft has taught me two things: Keep chickens away from ledges, and always put them in pens they can't fly over.

I've also learned that for a game with such simple graphics and concept, Minecraft is highly addictive. I'm probably going to see if I can build a better chicken coop in a few minutes. I wonder if that's anything like building a better mousetrap?


  1. My eldest brother is a huge Minecraft fan and he told me to play it. I immediately told him I didn't need another addiction in my life ^^;


  2. Yep! Stay away! Stay far away!



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