Friday, March 23, 2012

Funny but True Query Story

First off, I have to confess that I have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on. There was a Roadtrip Wednesday I neglected horribly, not to mention my own blogroll. But, I've been editing this week and other things. I guess I could blame that.

For your reading pleasure I've decided to share a funny and current query story. I'll leave out names to prevent any embarrassment from the queried parties who screwed up in this situation. The queriers (all 200+ of us) are having a bit of a giggle though.

I queried a BIG agency last month and just recently got a reply. The first reply was blank. The second said something like "we're sorry we can't offer representation" which I was surprised to read since I'd only just sent a query! A minute or so after that email came one that simply said "disregard the previous email". So I chuckled and shook my head and thought "oh somebody has their wires crossed over there". I didn't think anything about it... until.

I received an email not to long after that one that began "Dear 1 of __ authors I have to mail a standard reply to". (I am not kidding!) It went on to become a form rejection, but there was yet another surprise in store for me. The email included 200+ addresses of other queriers, so every time they replied to it, it swung back around to me again (bcc vs cc I believe).

Now myself and all the other queriers have our very own chat going via email all based on a bit of a flub in the emailing process. I got a pretty good kick out of the rejection email, so I'm not angry at the agency, since it proves they're human too, but it is a little inconvenient to be caught in a neverending loop of emails.

Please query (and email) responsibly.

EDIT: Diana at the Write Catch posted her own version of this email debacle, including the exact wording of the email we received and a few funny tidbits gleaned from our chatting back and forth via email. Definitely worth checking out! 


  1. Awesome. Here's the link to the picture if you want it:

  2. That would be a mixture of discomfort and hilarious. Did you end up making any new writing friends from the process? Bonded by...queries. ;)

  3. I saw that on a writers' forum too. Big whoops. I wonder if more people are amused by it or angry that their names went out with so many others. I recently queried that agency, different agent though--luckily.

  4. I'm one of them, too.

    I want the Today show to book all of us - in an auditorium.


  5. Thanks, Lancelot.

    Yep, Rachel. There's even a facebook group!

    Suzi, I think that was one of us who posted it! Absolute Write forums. I'm on that one too.

    Lol, Diane! Sure way to getting other agents to sign us, right?


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