Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Publishing Hell, What's Your Motivator?

Trying to get published feels like a wrestling match, with yourself, with your critics, with all those well-intentioned souls who give you bad advice, and with agents, editors and publishers. There's no one you aren't fighting. Just trying to make the time to write can be a struggle in itself. And don't even talk to me about trying to illustrate it! Illustrating a book you've already written (even if it's just spot illustrations) is like a separate project. Another version of the story you've already told. And then there's the cover art.

Once you have all of this done, there's trying to find the right person to pitch your book to a publisher. Getting an agent is as hard as finding Mr. Right in all the wrong places. You don't know where to look, what to say, and sometimes what to wear to impress your dream agent. You put yourself through every "meet an agent" conference, contest, and pitch opportunity you can find. You spread yourself all over the internet, building your 'platform'. All the while, you feel completely alone. Just you against the world. It's an incredibly rocky, soul-rending experience, but you keep doing it.

So my question for you is, when you're burnt out, run-down, and losing steam, what makes you go on? What's your miracle motivator that pulls you out of the trenches of Publishing Hell onto confident ground again?

For me, I have to ignore everything. Stop reading blogs, stop going on twitter, stop seeing the casualties, stop seeing the victors. I need blinders to get through it. Blinders and a good inspirational song.

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  1. That's a tough one, Donelle.

    I just stop for a while and then when I feel refreshed enough I start again but it is something I struggle with a lot. Not just in writing but in life. When to power on and when to let it all slip.

    Life is hard.

    Writing is harder.

    Zak - I tried.


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