Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RTW: Those Magic Moments

 YA Highway's Roadtrip Wednesday prompt today is: What is your favorite literary moment?

I've read so many books I've loved, and rooted for, and gasped and cried over. It's hard to pick just one moment in one book. That said, the Harry Potter series has some pretty great moments. We're talking jump around cheering or gasp like a child with his first balloon moments. I love those moments.

While others have specific genre-oriented moments they love - first kiss, finding whodunnit, getting revenge - I love the moments of wonder and realization, when the character finally comes into his/her own. The moments that make you go "Really? Really?? Really!" These moments are so amazing, the main character often doesn't believe it himself.

When Harry Potter realizes he's a wizard is one of these moments. When Bilbo Baggins realizes he's excellent at burgling and outwits Smaug is one of these moments. When Bastian realizes the Neverending Story is real and he's part of it, is one of these moments. You get the picture.

What literary moments are your favorites?


  1. I'm actually torn between whether I prefer the "You're a wizard, Harry" moment from the book, or from the movie. If memory serves, I think the movie has Harry saying "But I'm just Harry," which I think hits exactly the right note. I'll have to re-read that scene in the book, but I think I felt that "but I'm a nobody, how can I be a wizard?" moment better in the movie. Now, there are many, many moments I think the books do better than the movies... but this may not be one of them for me. Either way, it's a great moment. :)

  2. There's a huge twist halfway into Charlie Higson's "The Enemy" that had me re-reading it to make sure I hadn't gone mad... but it's a massive spoiler so I won't give away the details. But ooooh it's goooood!

  3. Ah! This makes me want to watch THE NEVERENDING STORY now. It's been far too long :D Great list!

  4. I'd forgotten that moment in Neverending Story--there was a collective gasp in the theater, even though we all sort of felt it was coming. Thanks for the reminder, and good choices!


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