Monday, March 26, 2012


someone like me writes a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get published. It's not!

Yes, I saw The Lorax over the weekend with the nephews. A fun time was had by all, along with loads of soda and popcorn. We polished off a big tub of popcorn between the three of us, and one of those massive, coma-inducing cups of Coke. I was keeper of the snacks and was passing out refills during the movie. Needless to say, I missed a few moments, but it's all good.

The past two Mondays have been Steampunk Mondays which I've dedicated to my little flash fiction nuggets of the intrepid Captain Trav and his young, motley crew. I'd like to keep those coming, but I got horribly busy and didn't have time to write one. If you'd really like to see another, please let me know!

I've decided to also look for an illustration rep besides just a literary one. That'll involve brand new query writing, resume-constructing, and portfolio-padding. Fun!

So, if anyone has any tips for querying illustration agents, or suggestions on how not to let my day job eat my lunch, that'd be helpful. (Don't you just love the phrase 'eat my lunch'?)

ONE MORE THING: I just got the email that I've been entered into the Cupid's Literary Connection Surprise Agent Invasion. Entries go up tomorrow on the blog. So, who wants to see me get 'abducted' by an agent?


  1. Yay! Good for you for becoming a "victim"! Good luck!

  2. lol nice rhyme. And good luck finding an illustration agent! Unfortunately, I have nothing helpful to contribute about that.

  3. Showing my ignorance now, but it never even occurred to me that such things as illustration agents existed! Now you mention them, it makes sense that they would. Of course, I would never be looking for one because my brothers hijacked all the drawing talent in the family. I hope you share some of your journey looking for an illustration agent, partly because I'm curious, and also for the benefit of others that may need to know. All the best to you, Donelle! :)


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