Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Your Perfect Story?

Yesterday's post was a massive hit as far as comments go. I loved hearing everyone's responses on why they blog, what they've learned from it, etc. Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and spread my question around!

With this weekend being St. Patrick's Day and everyone all eager to celebrate - or just eager for the weekend, I'll make this post short.

You know what you want. You look for it on the shelves at bookstores, at your local library. You might even have written it yourself. If you've already read it, you know that nothing else compares.

It's your perfect story, and I want to hear about it.

It can be MG, YA or adult, but somewhere deep inside you it'll always be there, quickening the beat of your heart. Maybe it's an adventure with swashbuckling pirates, or zombie robots in space, where things blow up and good men die after avenging their planet's destruction. Maybe it's a cloak and dagger mystery or a windswept romance. Maybe it's a book with magic and dark choices, things that go bump in the night.

If you're a reader, tell the writers out there and maybe you'll see your perfect story on bookshelves in the future.
If you're a writer, listen up. You could get some great ideas!


  1. I wrote the story I always wanted to read. It became my first book. Fans let me know what they wanted to see in the second one. So the second one I wrote for them. Neither is perfect, but it was the best I could write.

  2. Wow, good question... I know it when I see it (or write it), but it's hard to describe...

    I think it's all about balance for me. The perfect balance between romance, swashbuckling, intrigue, deep emotional growth in the characters, gritty reality, humor, and tasteful supernatural elements, and epic struggle between good and evil. I don't think there is a simpler answer.

  3. Any story with books, libraries, and magic is my perfect story.

    (And yet, I couldn't get through even the first book of Thursday Next...)

    Am currently brainstorming just such a story. Can't wait to write it one day!

  4. Hard to say. I know it when I see it. Although, when I think of examples I've read, the books that come to mind are His Dark Materials and Otherland.


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