Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wow, Fantastic, Baby!

As a break from work, contests, revisions, and querying, I had to share something with everyone.


I've fangirled over these guys before, but I never introduced them properly. So here goes.
Vid Info
This group is Big Bang, a South Korean boy band. They've been performing in South Korea and Japan since 2006. They're known for their individual style and sound, as well as for the talents of each member of the group. They're one of Asia's most successful acts. They also have many fans in the US since their debut. Their fans are called VIP.

The group is composed of five guys:
G-Dragon - the one with incredibly long hair (he's also the leader who composes most of the songs),
T.O.P. - the one with blue hair standing in the paintings
Taeyang - the one with tattoos and a mohawk
Seungri - the one in black latex with short hair
Daesung - the one with white bangs who's chained to the wall

I love all these guys, but the two who draw my attention most in this vid are T.O.P. and Taeyang. What about you?


  1. So cool! Thanks for introducing us to this band!

  2. That was cool! LOVE the song!
    I particularly like Taeyang and Daesung ;)

  3. Thanks guys! And Daesung is definitely a cutie - plus he's got a great voice.

  4. Funny-- I actually lived in Korea for four years and never really got into K-pop, though of course I was peripherally aware of it. People keep telling me about this song! They're all such pretty boys. I like G-Dragon's style, I think-- very sexy. : ) Do you know Super Junior? I actually like their music better than Big Bang's.


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