Friday, April 13, 2012

The Story of the Sea Heart

This week's been a little stressful, a little all over the place, and full of plans to keep myself above water. The other night while I was google-surfing plants for world-building, I came across a beautiful seed with an amazing story. To see the website with the full story and pictures, Click Here.
The seed of the Sea Heart (or Entada Giga - gigantic seed) is born high in the boughs of the Amazon jungle from seed pods that resemble very large, coiled peapods. The Sea Hearts themselves are a deep rich mahogany color and heart-shaped. They range from as small as a buckeye to as large as a hamburger bun.

Why they're called 'Sea' Hearts:
The Entada Giga vine (also called a Monkey Ladder) climbs trees that stretch out over the river, allowing the Sea Heart seeds to fall into the water and be carried away by the current. From there they can be carried as far as European beaches and wash up polished by the waves.

Because of their amazing journey and their thick skin, Sea Hearts are considered lucky and special. Children who once traveled from Europe to America by ship were given Sea Hearts to remind them if this seed can cross the ocean safely, so can they.

I thought this story was really interesting and highlighted the glory of nature displayed in these marvelous species. If we take the time to notice them, they can inspire us. Like love notes from God saying "you can do it!"
Next time you feel bogged down, worried about failure, money, health problems, remember the Sea Heart's journey. If God made a seed that can weather a journey like that, imagine what you can do.

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  1. Thanks for this info. We have one of these and I never knew of its origin. My daughter is bringing it in for show and tell today.


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