Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Web-domination and Blog Apologies

Sorry for neglecting this blog for a few days, but I know you'd all encourage me to make money. My current job is making things tight for me and so I'm putting out all the 'pencil for hire' signs I can. This includes making a profile on Donanza.com. So, tell your friends. Tell your friends' friends. Tell your neighbor's dog.

I'm spreading myself across the web like jam and hoping something lucrative will stick to me. I already dominate 4 pages of Google when you type in my name (booyah)! I have this blog, a Twitter account, a Tumblr account (neglected), a Facebook fan page and personal page, a google profile, a Freelanced.com profile, potentially a Freelancer.com profile, a Donanza.com profile, and my own website. Not to mention the contests and mentions I've gotten through other venues. Web domination, here I come!

And since we're talking web domination, what do you do to promote yourself online? I'd love more tips and suggestions.

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