Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Behind the Blog

In March I posed the question "Why do you blog?" and I got some great responses. Now, finding myself on a Wednesday with no blog topic, I thought I'd revisit that idea. But this time, I'm digging a little deeper.

Some of you already shared the reasons why you blog, but now I want to know what you blog and the influences and interests that led you to it.

Behind my blog:

I've technically been on blogger since 2008, but I didn't blog regularly or reach out to other bloggers until 2011. Before blogging, my online writing outlet was chat roleplay which I did for over 8 years. I RPed for social interaction as much as for creative release. Eventually, I realized it was sucking my creative energy and giving me nothing but countless RP logs that would never be published, so I returned to the writing I'd loved in high school and college - short stories. Only, my years of RP had given me a taste for bigger world-building, longer storylines, and more developed characters. I was ready for novels.

In 2008, I began that first novel. It sprang from drawings I'd done of the two main characters from as far back as 2003. Lividia and her Boogeyman have been cerebral denizens for a very long time. They, along with many others, have stories to tell, and I feel a great compulsion to tell them.

After I wrote the novel, I prowled around for writerly websites to help me on my journey to publication. When I stumbled across I got nudged toward starting a blog. So, I dug up the blog I'd already created and revamped it. Now, my blog has taken the place of RP for online social interaction and creative release. Sometimes it fills that role nicely. When it doesn't, I still have plenty of other outlets, and my novel writing is finally getting the attention it deserves.

What inspired you to start blogging?

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  1. Great topic!

    Hmm, well, at the start of 2011 something felt different about my writing, like I was finally breaking through a barrier I'd never noticed before. I wanted to learn all I could, so I started using the blogger account I'd set up in '08.



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