Saturday, June 23, 2012

Raptor Poop

Got your attention didn't I? I've just come off a long week (8 hours on my feet for five days) in my new library job. It's good to blog and it's good to see that the blogosphere hasn't changed. Everything's just where I left it. I even had a couple query rejections in my email when I checked. (yay!)
Since starting this job, I've been struggling with the 'branding' of it. Everyone associates librarians with sour old ladies, their hair pulled into tight buns, reading glasses perched halfway down their noses (the better to glower at you over them). I do have the glasses and I look smashing in a bun, but as for the other stuff, I just don't fit the bill.

This got me to thinking about writers and the stereotype they're supposed to fit. Not to mention illustrators, gamers, comic book readers, anime fans, etc. I fit into all of these categories.

Miss Cole recently posted about pacing herself as a writer while gaming on the side and it struck a chord with me. We all become haunted by what we're supposed to do to live up to the career we've chosen. Every life path is rocky at the start. You're not going to feel completely comfortable. The trick is to do it your way.

Unless you're a full-time writer, you don't have to write on your manuscript every day (barring deadlines). If you're an illustrator, you don't have to draw all the time. Librarians leave their job at work, so why don't writers and illustrators give themselves a break once in awhile? Arrange time for it and write during that time, jot down ideas when they come to you away from the desk, and don't feel guilty. Don't try to squeeze creativity out of a brain that's exhausted. Give it time to recharge.

This new job has me thinking "Am I turning away from my path of freelance illustration?" "Am I giving up my dreams for something I never planned to make a career in the first place?" But, the truth is, I like this job and I really need the money. Those should be good enough reasons.

There will be time for writing and illustration. And when there is time, I shouldn't feel guilty over choosing one over the other. I should never feel guilty. I am an illustrator. I am a writer. Sure, I don't do it all of the time, but it doesn't mean I don't do it.

My, what a lovely BMW you have there!
And what about the raptor poop? We had a bird guy come into the library, bringing with him two hawks and an owl (raptors) to show the children. As soon as he took them out of their cages, they pooped. All three of them. This was very entertaining to the kids. And if you've never seen a large bird-of-prey relieve itself, let me just say, you'd be glad it wasn't flying over your car at the time.


  1. Ta for the mention! :D

    Raptors! Can't take 'em anywhere.

    I have to settle into a new job before my writing routine can adapt around it because, alas, writing doesn't make me any money and the job that does has to take priority.

  2. It's hard for me to look librarians in the eye, because my own experience with them has been so negative. The librarians at my high school were fascists. They were mean, and they yelled at you if you used the library to read recreationally ("the library is for studying!") and they also yelled at you if you printed too many pages. Then I went off to college, where the librarians were merely incompetent.

    Then I joined the online book community, and I constantly have to remind myself that librarians are usually the "good guys."

  3. Miss Cole, I hear ya! I wish writing would make me money!

    Yael, yuck! I helped out the librarian in my high school, and in college I did shelving, so I guess I'm drawn to the work. Both instances the librarians were nice (though in larger groups there are always a few sour apples). Sorry You had such an awful time.

    In my experience, librarians have a lot harder jobs than people realize. They get worn out from organizing books and dealing with patrons and standing on their feet all day (at least public librarians do). But, they do have to remember that the library is there to USE. Things are going to get out of place and kids are going to make noise. It isn't a museum, after all!

  4. Congrats on your job!

    I love working in libraries. I did it in High School and then again in college, and if I had gotten a library job instead of a medical receptionist job I probably wouldn't have been so desperate to get off to graduate school.

    The main trouble with grad school as my 'writer support' career is that they keep on giving you more writing to do! With librarianing you can just go home and put the job away. Higher education means - learn to prioritize. But writing's definitely a priority (you know, unless I have a deadline coming up soon.)


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