Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cotton Candy Achieved!

Today might've been even better than yesterday! (For one thing, I got the biggest cotton candy bag they had and ate half of it after I came home.) It was my second day drawing kids' portraits at the county fair. Not as hot as yesterday, but gross enough to be included in that lineup.

Today I did something different and the people did something different. There were decidedly more grownups sitting for me today than yesterday. That was something. I got to draw some amazing faces. Also, I included my website address on my drawings. This way if they like me they can find me again. And I do wish they would find me again!

Some of the kids from yesterday were back, two of which I drew a second time. More boys sat for me today. They were handsome and the girls were pretty, and dainty. A few of them reminded me of fairies. It's interesting how I really can see in them the young men and women they'll become someday. Interesting and kind of spooky, as if my drawing pad can glimpse into the future.

The kids were loads of fun, just like yesterday. I had a small group of admirers who returned after I'd drawn them to watch me draw others. Sometimes I think there was more laughing (and trying very hard not to) than there was drawing going on. All of our faces hurt from smiling. And every time they smiled, their faces changed and I got to see them light up one by one like Christmas lights. This included the grownups.

And the grownups, they became kids again. Ladies smiled and years fell away. Gentlemen became kings and princes. I peeled back troubles and age with my pencil and saw a whole other world underneath. I could tell as soon as they sat down if I loved their face, and I loved so many faces!

Even though I had to leave and return to the library, I won't forget any of those faces. I'm glad I can finally attach names to some of them.

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  1. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! What a cool experience (even if it was hot). :D


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