Saturday, July 21, 2012

Illustrative Influences: Elfquest

I've been rediscovering the comic that embedded itself in my mind when I was a kid, and became one of the biggest influences on my illustration style: Wendy and Richard Pini's Elfquest.

My older brother introduced me to this comic (and supervised the reading of it) when I was eleven or twelve. It's stayed in my mind, reflected in my own style, ever since. I've absorbed many influences through the years - Brian Froud, Gerald Brom, Tim Burton, Kazuya Minekura - but Wendy's style will always be the first to make an impression. Later, when I discovered she was influenced by anime and manga, it all made perfect sense.

Jakin 2007
Silvan 2007


I've gone through phases with my illustration style - the big-head phase, the too-skinny anime phase, the long torso phase, but through them all a few elements have stayed strong and similar. My characters usually have large slanted eyes and very pronounced facial features, lean builds, and elfin qualities.

I credit Wendy for inspiring a lot of this, though it was also due to Brian Froud.

My style will continue evolving, changing and adapting, but I won't ever lose my love for fine-featured characters with elf-like builds.

What's one of your creative influences? 

Silvan 2009
Strawman 2011

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  1. Cool style!

    Although I don't draw often, the manga group CLAMP heavily influenced the way I design my characters :)


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