Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inspired Tuesdays: Young Fair Faces

the loli-loving artist at work
Today I spent five hours in a sweaty pole-barn at the county fair drawing pictures of children's faces. And it was bliss. I work for my local library and we have a booth set up in the sweaty pole-barn to get new patrons interested in the services the library offers. We had two fans pointed on us and I still melted into a runny popsicle by the end of the day.

But! Back to the children. I was amazed how many lined up, wanting to sit for me! And I had such fun drawing them. I commented on their hair, their eyebrows, their pretty smiles, even their abundance or sprinkling of freckles (when they had them). I gabbed at them about the fair, about what they wanted to be when they grew up, about how the drawing was looking. I dropped little tidbits about how to draw people's faces, including terminology such as 'three-quarter view' and 'profile'.

The last little girl I had was interested in drawing and I let her add finishing touches to her own portrait with a 9B pure graphite pencil that I'd only taken out once that day. Drawing her was a joy since she looked and acted like a character from a fairy story (namely Snow White). The 9B was for her incredibly dark hair.

Although the library is 'giving back' to our community for their support, I felt like the one who'd won out. Rewarding doesn't even begin to describe it. I won't be forgetting any of these kids' faces anytime soon - or how great they made me feel by the end of the day!

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