Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bloghop Guilt of an Insecure Writer

I am not allowing myself to do Roadtrip Wednesday this week, on the grounds that I don't have time to comment on everyone else's. Until I catch up on commenting on others' blogs, I feel too guilty.

I might solve this problem by only commenting on a few each time, but instead I promise myself I'll comment on ALL of them (which is not possible with my schedule). So, I end up posting mine, coming home from work late and not commenting on any. I'll have to find a happy medium sometime.

It's also not that I don't have blog ideas, but sometimes they trickle in slowly. Sometimes I doubt whether they're worth posting. I look at other blogs, I take my eyes off what I want, and that does me in. I need to stop comparing my blog with others, wondering if my blog is too open, too haphazard, too full of blackmail potential. (...It is, isn't it?)

Blogging used to be fun, and now I have a hard time even sitting myself down and posting an entry. I used to think "I want to share this!" and then I somehow got into the mindset of "is this appropriate to share?"

It's the same with my writing. When it's just me and my story, it's lovely. It's like a special date. Strolling along the path of creativity, being delightfully surprised by what lies ahead, no one to tell you you're ridiculous, or you're wordy, or you really shouldn't be comparing the MC's eyes to two beady black currants. (You should be comparing them to two polished black marbles.)

The point to all this is there is good to be said for writing suggestions and for considering your blog material. Just don't let it keep you from producing.


  1. Writer first, blogger second :)

  2. What Miss Cole said!
    Never compare yourself to other bloggers. Blog about what excited you; what you enjoy. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't post more writer stuff since I'm a published author, but if I did, it just wouldn't be me.
    I never lack for blog posts because I post about what I enjoy - my blogger friends.


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