Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WriteOnCon - Go to it!

This week is WriteOnCon and I can't stress enough the good impression I'm getting of this forum and the people on it. I posted my first 250 words and my first 5 pages and the feedback I've gotten (including ninja agent feedback!) has been amazing. No one is rude, or critical just for the sake of being critical. Feedback is helpful, constructive, and even enlightening. It's awesome and I highly recommend participating if only to get yourself some great crit too!

Now pardon me while I go post my query and synopsis!
My First 250
My First 5 Pages

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  1. I'm glad you're finding it so helpful. :) I got kind of scared off early on by a critique of my query. I don't mind criticism, but sometimes the delivery could be a little more tactful (in this person's case). I did keep everyone's suggestions so that I can come back to it in a bit and make changes to my query. I really need to grow tougher skin.


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