Monday, September 17, 2012

Bullied By The Internet

I have a confession. I haven't been writing and I don't feel that guilty about it. The last writing I did was brainstorming a children's book idea last week. But the internet won't leave me alone about it.

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The internet is like a critical mother who never ceases to remind me of what I should be doing and what I've already missed out on. It tries to guilt me and burden me with concerns that aren't really that concerning. Through Twitter, Facebook, email and blogs, it tells me I'll be the last to find an agent and points out how many of my friends already have one. It says that no one really wants to rep my book, that no one really cares about my blog. It makes me want to stop calling it and stop coming over for visits. It makes me want to spend my time with the 'fun uncle' that is online videogames. And that's just what I've been doing.

I'm tired of the internet bullying me. It knows just what buttons to push and what snide little comments to make. So, I'm going to stop letting it. I'm going to ignore the feeds, the statuses, the announcements, the reminders. I'll use Twitter and Facebook only when I feel like it. I'll blog when I want, when I can, when I get a strikingly profound revelation about writing, or life, or illustration. Right now my strikingly profound revelation is that life is more important than writing. And relaxation and peace of mind are more important than online obligations that render such meager results.

The internet can shove it up its keister.

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  1. The Internet is a double-edged sword. It connects us but it also divides us.

    I guess the only thing I can say is never compare yourself to others. Your journey, your life, is your own. No one else's way matters :)


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